The CSD-21 Professional Counter Surveillance Detector
With the CSD-21
A Key Component of the CS-Pro25 Package
The Ultimate in "BUG" Detection Equipment

Just upgraded and now with 1 MHz to 10.5 GHz Detection Range. With No Gaps. And, that's the highest detection frequency you'll find (at any reasonably economical cost) on the entire INTERNET!

In fact, right now there is a "competitor's" product that is offered on the Internet as a "professional" piece of Counter Surveillance Equipment and currently sells for about $2,400.

Yet, it makes absolutely no mention of one of the most widely used Eavesdropping Devices (the Infinity Tap) . . . and rather unbelievably has a maximum frequency detection range of only 3 GHz!

The product is offered with a great deal of "technically" sounding (but meaningless) terms that are meant to impress the average individual that quite understandably may lack expertise in this field.

In contrast, you'll find that we try to keep our product descriptions as non-technical as possible so that individuals without an electronic background can easily understand them.

However for those desiring somewhat more technical depth, the following CSD-21 specifications may prove helpful.

4 lbs

Frequency Detection Range:
1 MHz - 10 MHz

Headphone Frequency Response:
20 - 20,000 Hz

32 ohms

Power Supply:
9VDC Rechargeable Nicad Batter (Charger Included)

Varies up to indicated distances

10Mw @ 150MHz . . . 8ft
100Mw @ 2 GHz . . . 15ft
1 Watt @ 4 GHz . . . 25ft
1 Watt @ 8 GHz . . . 20ft
1 Watt @ 10.5GHZ . . . 8ft

The CSD-21 quickly locates Electronic Eavesdropping Devices concealed in telephones, homes, offices, vehicles and hidden anywhere on the body. Computer Age technology has now made it possible for the recently upgraded CSD-21 to quickly home-in with laser-like precision on all of the very latest types of Eavesdropping Devices.

Two hours actual practice with the unit will have you "reading" and "clearing" phones, rooms and vehicles with professional ease and competence. The CSD-21 and its very unique, extremely simplified operation has made it possible for a number of our equipment purchasers to also perform Electronic Counter Surveillance "sweep" services for clients on a commercial basis.


Using the CSD-21, it takes about 45 minutes to do the job. And, once it gets around that YOU can provide the service, you'll quickly have more clients than you can handle!


This is an exciting, immensely interesting and extremely profitable field that you can enter with a minimum investment. Every story that goes viral on the Internet, every newspaper and magazine article, and every radio and TV piece discussing some new episode involving "bugging" devices, continues to increase the ever growing demand for electronic "sweeps" utilizing state of the art Counter Surveillance Bug Detectors.


Concealed Video Cameras (Spy-Cams) are now literally everywhere! The CSD-21 will immediately warn you if anyone, anywhere, is secretly recording your actions with any type of transmitting Video Camera. This is done far more frequently than you would imagine. And, now you can also have complete protection from this insidious invasion of your privacy.


The latest GPS Tracking Devices allow the Eavesdropper to monitor in real-time your every movement when in your vehicle. On his computer or smart phone, he can actually see each and every place you've visited (including the addresses), and exactly how long you've stayed at each location. However, the CSD-21 will immediately alert you of any Tracking Device and quickly locate it, no matter where it's hidden on your vehicle.


The huge rise in the numbers of illegal eavesdropping devices in the hands of individuals and firms is probably a reflection of the steady decline of ethics in business and personal relationships. Ethical conduct seems no longer to be admired or desired. In many instances, it is actually looked down upon as hopelessly out of date.

And, the unbelievable amount of advertising openly promoting the sale and use of Electronic Eavesdropping Devices easily places the equipment in the hands of any individual so inclined.

This has resulted in Tremendous Demand and Huge Profits for individuals skilled in the latest Counter Surveillance techniques!

With so little police manpower and facilities available to oppose the determined eavesdropper, the odds remain strongly stacked in his favor. In fact, police agencies seem to be far more interested in mastering eaves­dropping techniques than in protecting business and the public against these blatant and insidious invasions of privacy.

All of the above makes for great opportunities in this exciting field.

  • Infinity Tap Full Monitoring: Unique capability allows you to "LISTEN-IN" to every word and sound that the eavesdropper is monitoring.
  • Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment: Eliminates those troublesome transient RF signals that are extremely confusing to most Counter Surveillance Detection Equipment.
  • Rapid Detection: Quickly pinpoints the exact location of any eavesdropping device.
  • Full Recording Capability: Output jack enables full recording of any detected sounds.
  • Extremely Simplified Operation: Quickly determines the telephone line condition and indicates whether Series or Parallel Telephone Transmitters, Recording Devices, Infinity Devices, or any other type of eavesdropping device is present on the line.
  • WARRANTY: 1 Full Year including all parts and labor. If, in the unlikely event that any repair becomes necessary, simply return it and we'll repair or replace it at no charge.
  • GUARANTEE: Full Money Back Guarantee. If the CSD-21 fails to do every single thing that we say it will, or if for any reason at all, you're not completely pleased and 100% satisfied, simply return it within 10 days of the date you receive it for a Full and Prompt Refund less 15% shipping and handling. And, No Questions Asked!

Also included is a FREE INFORMATION PACKAGE describing the fantastic opportunities in Counter Surveillance, and complete information showing how individuals (without prior experience) now earn incredible incomes in this fascinating field.

The Information Package is JAM-PACKED FULL of some of the most exciting and fascinating information imaginable. It reads like a JAMES BOND novel, with one important exception . . . IT'S NOT FICTION!

The Information Package includes details on:

A detailed analysis of a variety of extremely fascinating Hi-Tech Devices and procedures used for Ultra-Sophisticated audio and video eavesdropping including infrared monitoring, multi-data eavesdropping and interception, miniature micro­wave devices, new methods for listening thru walls, etc. You'll learn about corporate spying, how letters are read without opening them, how data banks are accessed to research anyone and anything, eavesdropping by neighbors, how lie detectors are deceived, and a fact-filled section on modern Eavesdropping Law.


Complete information describing the fantastic opportunities that are now open to trained Counter Surveillance technicians and exactly how a number of individuals (without previous experience) are reaping a huge bonanza up to $250 Per Hour in the booming "Debugging" business!

You'll learn how the ever increasing use of Electronic Listening Devices by investigative agencies, government agencies, unscrupulous business competitors, jealous suitors, etc., has created a tremendous demand for this type of service.