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Unique New CD

The WCD-1 masks all audible speech and helps to prevent Eavesdropping Devices from monitoring your private conversations.
White Noise Generator
Mask Your Speech From Eavesdroppers

After many years of research, we have finally developed an effective "White Noise" Generator and burned the acoustic masking frequencies onto a standard CD.

By uniquely reproducing the masking frequencies on a CD, we have eliminated the relatively expensive electronic equipment presently required to produce the masking effect.

The electronic equipment normally required is offered on the Internet and elsewhere at prices ranging anywhere from $200 up to $1,700 and more, depending upon the manufacturer and the dealer profit margins.

The development of our unique WCD-1 CD has made it possible to completely eliminate all the previously required electronic reproduction equipment and has resulted in considerable savings in our cost to produce the audio masking effect.

And, as has always been our policy, we pass on as much as possible of the savings to our customers in the form of greatly reduced prices and Special Offers.

If you are new to, or unfamiliar with "white noise" and its use in defeating audio eavesdropping, a brief, non­technical explanation follows:

In normal conversation, sound waves carry the audio from the speaker to the listener. If these sound waves can be over-ridden with frequencies designed specifically to disrupt and "jumble" the normal audio frequencies, a deadening effect is created. This deadening effect known as "white noise" effectively hides the conversation from would be eavesdroppers.

The WCD-1 CD produces the "white noise" and effectively defeats all types of Eavesdropping Devices utilizing any type of microphone for sound pick-up including tape recorders, cell phone recorders, hard-wired microphones, parabolic and shotgun mikes and even protects against "Microwave" and "Laser" devices that carry audio to the Eavesdropper.

The WCD-1 can be played on any CD player or computer.

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