How "Cell-Finity" and "Roving" Bugs actually operate.

Computers and Cell Phones have become almost indistinguishable from each other. Modern cell phones offer access to email, internet browsing, text messaging, live streaming video, video telephony, etc. And, the list continues to grow with each new development. Today's cell phones are specifically designed to broadcast live (as well as recorded) audio and video.

Think of that from an eavesdropper's perspective.
Right now, you're carrying one of the most potent pieces of
eavesdropping equipment -- your cell phone -- ever developed!
And it can be used to eavesdrop ON YOU!

Many of today's features of Cell Phones were made possible when Cell Phones were given the capability to connect to the Internet. This allowed the exchange of data from phone to Internet and back from Internet to phone and led to all the interactive features of present Cell Phones.

And the entire telecommunications industry is now engaged in frantic competition to incorporate as many computer features into each new Cell Phone and it has now truly become a pocket computer.

Cell Phones and computers share a common language. This language is not necessarily the exact same programming language, but a language that each can understand and communicate with. This allows the free flow of data between computer and Cell Phone. Unfortunately, there are individuals (and firms) that have now adapted this technology for unethical and in many cases completely illegal uses.

As you are undoubtedly aware, computers are regularly hacked into for a variety of purposes. However, Eavesdroppers have now succeeded in utilizing the same hacking technology to produce an incredible Eavesdropping Device.

Unscrupulous, but competent hackers can now hack into any computer that is connected to the Internet. And, whether or not you actually use your Cell Phone to access the Internet, you must keep in mind that if your phone has the capability of receiving email, it is connected to the Internet.

Seeing the flaws in the system, hackers have recently devised a virus variously dubbed as the "Cell-Finity" Bug. When an Eavesdropper (using a secret access code) calls an infected Cell Phone, the phone does not ring, but the phone's microphone or camera or both are secretly turned on. The phone's screen does not display the call, nor is any record saved in the log.

The Eavesdropper can now "listen-in", view, and even record and transmit all auido and video within 10 feet of the Cell Phone that you mistakenly thought was "inactive". And, there is absolutely no way of knowing that you have been spied upon.

The "Cell-Finity" Bug is a computer program and is spread in the same manner as the destructive computer viruses now so common on the Internet. It can then monitor not only all your conversations, but also is able to spy on your text messages.

Even if the newly infected owners do not use text messaging, their phones still have text messaging capability. And, their phones still can be "bugged" through an inconspicuous text message that they received without their knowledge.

In this manner the Cell Phone Spy program becomes active and can monitor conversations and text messages without anyone (except for the Eavesdropper) ever becoming aware of it.

Find It Hard To Believe?

If you find it difficult to believe that invasive computer technology has now gone this far, below you will find word for word excerpts from a few paragraphs of an actual advertisement for a "Cell-Finity" type Telephone Eavesdropping Device that has been displayed and openly offered for sale on the Internet.

". . . you can listen to room conversations when you are away . . . call the phone using a special access number, it auto­matic­ally answers without any ringing . . . allows you to listen discreetly to what is going on up to 5 meters away from the phone . . . there is no record of the call received . . . calls and receives calls just like any other cell phone . . ." etc.

For some time now, government agencies have also been using various versions of this technology to eavesdrop upon a number of individuals.

Yes, "Cell-Finity" and "Roving" type Listening Devices can possess devastating capabilities. And, as you can see from the above Internet advertisement, they are now easily available to any individual so inclined.