Yes . . . You read that Right!

Computer hacker technology can now secretly turn ON your Cell Phone and allow any interested Eavesdropper to actually overhear every conversation held in the vicinity of your Cell Phone without you ever knowing that it had been turned ON!

No longer is it necessary for an Eavesdropper to "plant" any specialized surveillance equipment in order to "Listen-In". He (or she) now uses the latest cell phone spying programs.

If you're like most of us, your Cell Phone is rarely more than 6 feet away from you. It's become a constant and trusted companion.

But, today's ever-ingenious Eavesdropper can now secretly turn on the microphone of your Cell Phone and actually overhear everything that occurs within 15 feet of your phone while it sits "innocently" at your side.

How Is It Done?

You are undoubtedly aware of the many destructive computer viruses and worms that are now commonly spread on the Internet.

However, you are probably completely unaware of the fact that the very same methods used to infect computers with viruses can now also infect Cell Phones. But, with a slightly different goal in mind.

And that goal is to Eavesdrop on all conversations held in the vicinity of your Cell Phone!

These viruses dubbed "Cell-Finity" or "Roving" Bugs operate by secretly turning ON your Cell Phone microphone and then (without your phone ringing) makes it possible for the Eavesdropper to Listen-In and even record all sounds and conversations that occur anywhere near your Cell Phone.

Even more devastatingly intrusive is the fact that these cell phone spying programs can be spread from Cell Phone to Cell Phone in exactly the same manner as is now done with computers.

Has It Happened TO YOU?

Pause for a second and think of all the conversations you have had with your Cell Phone "off".

You talk to friends and associates with the phone in your pocket. You have it in your car, or in your home when it's not in use. Rarely is it ever more than a short distance from your side.

And, instead of the dependable assistant that you have come to depend upon, it has now become (completely without your knowledge) a silent enemy . . . revealing all your confidential and even most intimate conversations to any unscrupulous individual.

If any conversations that you thought were completely confidential and secure, were held in the vicinity of your Cell Phone (yet were somehow compromised), you may have already become a victim of the "Cell-Finity" bug.

For an excellent degree of protection against a variety of "Cell-Finity" and "Roving" bugs . . .