Miniature Spy-Cam TVC-5 World's Smallest
Spy Camera
The TVC-5 -- Not Just A Common Spy Camera!

The TVC-5 is not simply a common miniature Spy Camera. Almost unbelievably, the TVC-5 also contains a subminiature transmitter concealed within its micro 3/4" package.

A True Breakthrough in Spy Cameras

The TVC-5 actually transmits a full 300 - 500 ft . . . right through ceilings, interior and exterior walls and just about anything between the camera and the included receiver. And,
it will transmit at least 1500 ft over unobstructed areas.

Complete Privacy!

Unlike most considerably larger transmitting Spy Cameras that can be picked up on any common TV, the TVC-5 transmits on an encoded, confidential frequency so that the video can only be viewed with the receiver included with the Camera. You'll be guaranteed complete privacy because absolutely no one else will be able to secretly view your confidential video without the matching TVC-5 receiver.

We've chosen the TVC-5 Transmitting Spy Camera because while our Detectors quickly and easily detect it, this camera is virtually impossible to detect with any other Detectors that lack the Ultra- Sensitive detection circuitry exclusively contained in our Counter-Surveillance Equipment.

Everything Is Included!

The TVC-5 comes complete with Camera, Transmitter, Receiver and everything else needed to secretly watch every single thing that occurs . . . without wires and without being observed.

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