The SBD-5H is an exciting New Development. Our engineers have taken our very popular SBD-5 design and through
a marvel of micro-miniaturization have
reduced the size to about 2" x 1 1/2" x 1/2".
No Antenna Required!
We've doubled the detection range
(now up to 25 ft) and even eliminated
the external antenna required by virtually
all effective Transmitter Detectors.
The SBD-5H Instantly and Silently Alerts You!

If you're concerned that your private conversations may be being overheard and/or recorded and you require "silent" notification of the presence of transmitters concealed on the body, bugs hidden in rooms, or any type of telephone transmitters that are eavesdropping on your confidential conversations, the SBD-5H Miniature Transmitter Detector will provide complete protection.

While remaining completely hidden from view in your shirt or jacket pocket, or wallet or purse, the SBD-5H can be used to inconspicuously sweep any premises for concealed "bugs" without anyone's knowledge.

And, the SBD-5H can also be used to openly sweep for hidden transmitters in homes, offices, autos, boats, etc., just about anywhere tat an eavesdropping transmitter may be hidden.

Vibrating and Visual Notification

You'll be secretly alerted via a firm, yet completely silent, vibration the instant any type of Eavesdropping Transmitter is anywhere in the vicinity.

Blinking Red LED Also Notifies You

Each time a transmitter is detected, a bright red LED will also start blinking, providing yet another silent method of verification.

SBD-5H also Detects Spy-Cams

Never again be the victim of covert video surveillance! The SBD-5H will immediately warn you if anyone, at any time, is secretly video recording your actions with any time of transmitting video camera. This is done far more frequently than you would imagine. And, now you can also have complete protection from this insidious invasion of your privacy.

The SBD-5H is truly a phenomenal Detector. It is a considerably enhanced version of our SBD-5, the very popular detector that we've sold to Police and Security Agencies worldwide including the LA POLICE DEPT, the DALLAS POLICE DEPT, the UNITED NATIONS, and many, many more.